Sound Cards & MPEG Decoders

There are other sound card solutions available for the Amiga, other than what is listed here. For example if you have a PCI busboard, you can use many PCI sound cards. However this category is intended for sound cards that were specifically designed for, or aimed at the Amiga.

Manufacturer Product
Albrecht Computer Technik Arpeggiator [O]
Festiva Z3 [ZIII]
MPEGit [O]
Prelude [ZII]
Prelude 1200 [CP]
Rombler [O]
Alien Design Repulse [ZII]
Applied Magic Inc. Sound Stage [ZIII]
Sound Stage Pro [ZIII]
Audio Visual Research Aura [PCMCIA]
ASD Perisound [ZII]
Blue Ribbon Soundworks One Stop Music Shop [ZII]
Commodore Fig Newton [ZIII]
Digital Audio Design Wavetools [ZII]
Elaborate Bytes Atlantis [O]
Kato Developments Medio [O]
Melody Z2 [ZII]
Melody CDTV [O]
Melody 1200 [CP]
Melody 1200 Plus [CP]
Melody 1200 Pro [CP]
MacroSystems Maestro [ZII]
Maestro Pro [ZII]
Toccata [ZII]
Marcin Kielesiński Martina [CP]
Microdeal Clarity 16 [S, P]
Oliver Gerler ProMP3 [CP]
Omega Projects Sound Enhancer [O]
Pangolin QM8 (PAULA Replacement) [O]
Petsoff Delfina DSP 1200 [CP]
Delfina DSP [ZII]
Delfina DSP Lite [ZII]
Delfina DSP Plus [ZII]
licensed to Individual Computers Delfina Flipper [ZII, CP]
Pyramid Sound Enhancer [O]
Silicon Studio Amiga Digital Audio Card [ZIII]
Sunrize Industries AD 516 [ZII]
AD1012 [ZII]
SoundSwitch [O]
Village Tronic Concierto IV [O]

CP Connects to the A1200 Clock Port and compatible connectors.
O Connects to the Amiga by some other means
P Connects to the parallel port.
PCMCIA Connects to the PCMCIA slot.
S Connects to the serial port.
ZII Zorro II card (ZII cards also work in ZIII slots)
ZIII Zorro III card (ZIII cards do NOT work in ZII slots)