Download the PDF Manual, Part 1 (German)
Download the PDF Manual, Part 2 (German)

AHI: Yes
Other: Yes (toccata.library)

The Toccata is a full length Zorro II 16 bit sound card which is also capable of 16bit sampling at up to 48Khz with ADPCM compression (1:2 and 1:4). The Toccata contains an onboard mixer for mixing the Amiga's native audio with that of the Toccata and supports frequencies of 10Hz up to 20Khz. It uses the Analog Devices SoundPort 8530 codec.


3 x Stereo Line IN (2 of them are sample, 1 is mixed to output)
1 x Stereo MIC IN

Thanks to Sebastian, Atoine Dubourg, Txema and McFly