Wavetools (Perisound)

AHI: Yes
Other: Yes (dad_audio.device)

The Wavetools is a half length Zorro II card, capable of sampling and audio playback in 16bit. The rear faceplate is connected to the card via a small cable which connects onto the rear edge of the card. The card was supplied with some basic sampling and plauying software as well as a driver for the card called dad_audio.device. This device driver is still required, even if the card is in use under AHI. There are a block of jumpers labelled JP3, however the manual does not mention what these are for. By default pins 1-2 are shorted.


1 x RCA IN
2 x RCA AUDIO (Left + Right)
1 x 50pin IDC Connector (probably for future expansions)

Thanks to Christian Nilsson