IDE Controllers

Devices listed in this category are primarily IDE (EIDE/ATA/AT etc) host adaptors, however you will also find XT (old 8 bit IDE) host adaptors and Mitsumi CD-ROM controllers.

Manufacturer Product
ACT Apollo 500 [SE]
Apollo 2000 "3-State" [ZII]
Apollo 2000 AT [ZII]
Alfa Data AlfaPower 500 [SE]
Alfa Quatro Buffered IDE [O]
AT-Bus 2008 [ZII]
Archos Overdrive [PCMCIA]
Overdrive CD [PCMCIA]
Ateo IDE-Mux [O]
BSC AlfaPower 500 [SE]
AT-Bus 2008 [ZII]
Tandem [ZII]
Commodore A570 (CDROM) [SE]
A590 [SE]
A690 (CDROM) [SE]
Overdrive [PCMCIA]
Elbox Power 4way Buffered IDE / Elbox 4xEIDE'99 [O]
Fast ATA Z-IV [O]
Power Flyer 1200 / Fast ATA 1200 [O]
Power Flyer 4000 / Fast ATA 4000 [ZIII]
Winner IDE [O]
Elsat MegaRAM HD [SE]
Expansion Systems Dataflyer 500 [SE]
Dataflyer 1000 [SE]
Dataflyer 2000e [ZII]
DataFlyer CD XDS
Dataflyer Express [SE]
Dataflyer (PLUS) [ZII]
DataFlyer XDS [O]
Eyetech Eyetech 4-Device EIDE Interface [O]
FSE Computersysteme CHA-40Q/5 [SE]
ICD AdIDE 40+ [O]
AdIDE 44 [O]
Trifecta EC [SE]
Trifecta EC [ZII]
Trifecta LX [SE]
Trifecta LX [ZII]
Individual Computers (Flash) Buddha [ZII]
IDE Express [O]
IDE FIx 97 [O]
Catweasel ZII S-Class [ZII]
IVS TrumpCard 500 AT [SE]
Mainhattan Data A-Team 1000
A-Team [ZII]
Masoboshi Mastercard [ZII]
Micronik AT Bus Four Fold [O]
MTec AT 500 [SE]
AT 500 Megabody [O]
Roctec RocHard [SE]
Zappo [PCMCIA]
Telmex Engineering CDROM Controller [PCMCIA]
Vortex Athlet [ZII]
System 2000 Personality Module
Unknown CrossLink [ZII, O]

O Connects to the Amiga by some other means
PCMCIA Connects to the PCMCIA slot
SE Connects to the side expansion slot as found on the A500 or A1000
TD Connects to the trapdoor slot
ZII Zorro II card (ZII cards also work in ZIII slots)
TD Zorro III card (ZIII cards do NOT work in ZII slots)