Individual Computers: (Flash) Buddha

Picture shown is of the non-flash version
Hi Res Version (2012 x 1032)

ZorroII Card.
Twin IDE Ports for up to 4 devices
BootRom for booting off Hard Drives.
Supports autobooting under KS 1.3
Local Expansion Slot for adding I/O Module or Sound Module.

The Buddha is available in two main versions, the normal Buddha and the Flash Buddha. The Flash Buddha has all the features of the Buddha except it's 32K ROM can be flash upgraded and it has an additional connector for using devices designed for the A1200 clock port. The IDE timing of the Buddha cards can be controlled in software enabling compatibility with older drives as well as allowing newer drives to run at a fast speed. You can even use hard disks larger than 4GB with the supplied software as it uses TD64 commands. Newer versions of this card ship with golden edge connectors.