Video & non RTG gfx cards

There are a lot of simularities between some of the devices mentioned here and some Digitizers & Framegrabbers. If you can't find the device here, please look in the Digitizers & Framegrabbers section.

Manufacturer Product
3 State Multivision 500
Multivision 2000
ACT MV1200
Advanced Micro Interfaces AmiVGA
Ameristar 1600gx
Applied Magic BroadCaster Elite 32
Archos ADPV (Archos Duplicate Video Port)
Avideo 24
Avideo 24 - A4000
Arxon/Compserv Arxon Scandoubler
Ateo Pixel 64 Scandoubler
BCD Associates BCD-2000A Video Control System
Bio-Con Taiwan Corp Superscan
Video Magician
Black Belt Amiga Video Tranceiver
HAM-E Plus
BSC FrameMaster
Centaur Development OpalVision
Commodore A2031
A2320 (Amber)
FMV (CD32)
DCE Flicker Magic
Scan Magic (External)
Scan Magic (Internal)
DJW Microsystems Avatar
Black Box
Director II
DMI Vivid 24
Elbox ScandoublerFF
Electronic Design Flicker Fixer
Video Converter
Eyetech EZ-VGA
G2 Systems Image Engine
GfxBase GDA-1
Golddisk Director
ICD FlickerFree
FlickerFree II
Impulse FireCracker
Index Harlequin
Individual Computers Graffiti
Ingenieur Helfrich PeggyPlus
Macrosystem DeInterlace 2000
SVHS Module for Retina Z3
Micronik Scandex (External)
Scandex (Internal)
Microway Flicker Fixer AGA 2000
Nucleaus Personal Editor
MSoft Amiga ScanMate
MST Colorburst
Newtek Toaster Flyer
Video Toaster 2000
Video Toaster 4000
Petsoff DblScan 4000
Phase 5 CV 64/3D Scandoubler
CV 64/3D MPEG Module
Prime Image Prime Image
Print Technik - Muenschen Amiga Teletext
Progressive Computers Rembrandt
ProTel ProTEL: Teletext
Satelite et Television MSP 9000
Scala MD100
Scala VCR
Software Hut Toastscan
Village Tronic Pablo IV
Paloma IV
SDL Peggy
SWF-FJ Compuserv AGA Flicker Fixer Scandoubler II
Team 4 Video Kasmin
Xpert FlickerFixer