Digitizers & Framegrabbers

There are a lot of simularities between some of the devices mentioned in this section, and some non-RTG Graphics Cards. If you can't find the device in here, please look in the non-RTG Graphics Card section.

Manufacturer Product
ASquared LIVE!
LIVE! 2000 [ZII]
Datel Video Digitizer
Video Digitizer II [SE]
Digital Creations DCTV [P]
DCTV (CDTV Version) [O]
DPS Personal Animation Recorder [ZII]
Electronic Design FrameMachine [ZII]
FrameMachine II [ZII]
Elsat FG24+ [PCMCIA]
Graffito 24 [PCMCIA]
Prograb 24RT [PCMCIA]
GVP Impact Vision 24 [ZII]
H.D.P Electronics DigiLab
Ingenieur Helfrich Videocruncher [ZII]
Ing. Roland Koehler VDA2001 [ZII]
Klaus D. Tute DigiTiger
DigiTiger 2 [P]
Macrosystem Dracomotion [O]
DV Module (Dracomotion) [O]
V-Lab (Y/C) [ZII]
V-Lab Par [P]
V-Lab Motion [ZII]
Masoboshi MVD-819 [ZII]
Microdeal VideoMaster [PCMCIA]
Microsearch ColorSplitter [O]
Newtek A500 Colour Digitizer
Digiview [P]
Newtronic Tec Videon 3 Digitizer
PPS Framegrabber 256 [P]
Framegrabber PAL/NTSC [P]
ProDAD Cavin [P, O]
Quantum Leap Vidi Amiga 24RT [P]
Vidi Amiga 24RT Pro [P]
Rombo Vidi Amiga-12 [P]
Vidi Amiga 12RT [P]
Vidi Amiga 12 Sound & Vision [P]
Vidi RGB
Team 4 Video Kasmin [ZII]
Toolbox Design Grabberboy
Videotechnik Diezmann Snapshot Live!
Snapshot Studio+
XPert X-Calibur

KEY Meaning
[O] Connects to the Amiga by some other means
[P] Connects to the parallel port
[PCMCIA] Connects to the PCMCIA port
[SE] Connects to the side expansion slot
[ZII] Zorro II card (ZII cards also work in ZIII slots)