Personal Animation Recorder (DR-2150)

Picture showing a revision 2 card

Picture showing a revision 3 card

Hi Res Version (1042 x 411)
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The Personal Animation Recorder, is a full length Zorro II card designed to capture video in real-time, including real-time playback. The PAR was supplied with software which could produce computer animations and camera animations as well as support for rotoscoping and time lapse video recording. Still grabs required the use of a time base corrector such as the Personal TBC-IV. Cards containing a Revision A 35-PAC-AUB (as highlighted in the pictures) may have problems if a second IDE drive is added. In order to fix this problem, the chip needs replacing with a Revision B 35-PAC-AUB.

Thanks to Ed Joseph, Txema Latas and Panagiotis Govotsos