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- TBC (Time Base Corrector) & Processing Amp & Standards Converter
- Full length Zorro 2 card.

A TBC card basically takes a signal, for example from a video and adjusts it to the correct standard by providing a new set of signals. The reason this may be necessary is a lot of electro-mechanical equipment causes the signal to degrade slightly.

As a Processing Amp it's capable of correcting colour problems with video as well as chroma-killing, that is easy colour to monochrome conversion.. It also transcodes between YC video and framestore.

Converts between: PAL, PAL-M, NTSC, NTSC 4.43 and SECAM.

It's possible to use this card in conjunction with a video toaster to have the video toaster act almost like a PAL toaster.

A remote control is available for this card.