BCD-2000A Video Control System

Full length Zorro II board which also uses an ISA slot. The card also connects to the internal serial pin header in the A2000 via a ribbon cable. Because the connector for the Amiga side is keyed, it probably won't fit in A2000's which are revision 4.4 and older. Revision 6.2 motherboards have no problem. The manual states that the card can also be used in A3000 and A4000 machines using a special external serial adaptor, however this was not supplied with the board. The unit was also supplied with a floppy disk labelled "BCD Amiga FreeDisk" and a cable for connecting VTRs/VCRs. This particular board is labelled (c) 1991. According to an advert in Video Toaster User, the BCD-2000A is a "single frame controller" with additional control features such as SMPTE Time Code generator and reader, EBU generator, RS422/232 serail controller and parallel controller.


Jumper On Off
Display Sets the baud rate to 9,600 Sets the buad rate to 19,200
Term Video signal is terminated Video signal is not terminated

Thanks to Robin Pillow