Video Toaster 2000

Hi Res Version (1532 x 547)

Video (non-rtg)
video capture
24 display

Video Toaster Software v1.0
Video Toaster Software v2.0
Video Toaster Software v3.0
Video Toaster Software v3.1
Video Toaster Software v4.0
Video Toaster Software v4.1
Video Toaster Software v4.2

chipset is not upgradable (full board replacement was offered at one time)

video ram:
??? enough to save 2 D2 framebuffers and do special F/X
Video RAM is not upgradable

multipin video connector
(used by 3rd party vendors to access the video signals)
Channel 1 - 4
2 BNC Video Outputs (NTSC only)
1 preview / 1 program

uses the video slot on the Amiga (no zorro slots are used)

Video Toaster is an on-line desktop video editing system that includes all the features you need to create professional video productions.

general features:
4 input switcher
preview and program outputs
dual frame stores
24 bit 8 fields real-time frame capture
Character Generation
Real-time transitional effects including dissolve, (soft edge) 2-D wipes, animation wipes, covers, slides, organic effects, digital effects.
Effects with audio
24 bit paint program
Award winning 3D Rendering software
hundred of scaleable fonts
color fonts support
many color fonts
ARexx Control
Chroma Effects
Color Correction

This is a board easy to configure. In most cases just plug it in and install the software. Without any video input you can use the CG (Character Generator), paint program, 3D modelling and special F/X (from Frame Buffer to Frame Buffer). The only "problem" anyone can have is if the system is not 100% in good condition. If the Paula, Agnus, CPU, memory, etc. has a small problem, which normally is not found running regular software the Toaster may seemed to malfunction. NewTek techs have found the Toaster to be extremely reliable and most problems were with the CPU not the Toaster board.
By the way, Toaster has a very reasonable FLAT fee for fixing their boards.

68000 or better (for v1.0 & v2.0)
68030/25 or better
- RGB Computer Monitor
- Composite monitor & (termination of RGB port)
2 Composite Video Monitors (for preview & Program)
50 MB of drive space for full installation (v1.0 or v2.0)
500 MB of drive space for full installation
Minimum of 10 MB of RAM (2MB of CHIP RAM)
CD-ROM required for installation (past version 3.1)
Video Toaster Card
All incoming video signals must be time corrected

*although the video slot and the motherboard is compatible the case slot and other surroundings, require modification. This is not a pretty, or easy procedure but many people have done it.

Newtek Web Site, Newtek brochure's, users

This is perhaps one of the most famous of all Amiga peripherals and is what made the Amiga famous in the video world along with Lightwave 3D makes this an extremely powerful video fx card. This card has been used in programs and films such as Seaquest, Babylon 5 and Terminator 2 amongst others.

NewTek (makes of toaster) said for many years they would introduce a PAL version of the toaster but this never materialised.

Thanks to Ed Joseph and Calum Tsang.