MSP 9000

The MSP 9000 was a video rack made by Satelite et Television which connected to the Zorro III bus by the special use of a card made by Xanadu. The combination of these two elements and a special version of TVPaint 3.5 called "Broadcaster Painter" was tremendous. A video layer in PAL/SECAM/Y-C/Y-U-V or RGB in and out with video correction, field/frame store, fader and tme base correction. Over the video a graphic layer in 32bit, consisting of 24bit colour plus 8 bit alpha channel was used for still digitization of the video layer and paiting/displaying with Broadcast Painter. Over these two layers was the Amigas display with its simple alpha channel on colour 0.

As an example of the abilities of the system: Imagine a video with 16 million colour graphics (with the transparencies allowed by using the 8bit alpha channel) and a dpaint animation above it all. All this in real time. Howver the system could overhead which could lead to random pixels appeaiing in the video layer.

Thanks to Cyrille Varnier