Paloma IV

Hi Res Version of Front (1856 x 748)
Hi Res Version of Back (1848 x 666)
Download the Paloma Manual

This card basically allows you to watch TV in a window on any public screen. It also allows the input of other devices such as a games console to allow you to play those games in a workbench window.

Details: Connects to the local PCI bus onboard the Picasso IV graphics card. You may also need to update the FlashROM on the PicassoIV if it does not detect this card straight away. Supports S-VHS, CVBS, Y-C. There is definately a model specifically designed for the UK, other models are unknown at this stage. Uses the 24bit PIP feature to allow 24bit windows on a lower depth screen. Allows grabbing of pictures, but only at the window size.

Thanks to Erol Ismael