Hi Res Version of Front (1660 x 720)
Hi Res Version of Back (1660 x 720)

Manufacturer: Centaur Development.

Bus: Video Slot


video ram:

OpalPaint (24 bit paint and image manipulation)
Opal Presents (Presentation Software)
OpalAniMATE (Animation player 8, 12, 15, 18, 24 bit)

DB-23 (Amiga compatible)
Internal expansion


Uses the Amiga Video slot

This is a 24 bit display buffer. The display works in chunky mode, which allows few other packages to display graphics on them. Most of the support is a framebuffer. With OpalPaint it capabilities of doing 24 bit painting has been its main feature.

general features:
24 bit display
DB-23 compatible with the standard Amiga display port making it possible to use GENLOCKS, COMPOSITE ENCODERS, ETC.
Can be used with standard Amiga monitors

Turn cmputer OFF
Plug in the board, plug in the Amiga monitor in its output instead.
Turn ON the system
Install the OpalVision software and enjoy...

A2000, A2500, A3000, A3000T, A4000, A4000T
Video slot avilable to install the card.
Monitor capable of standard Amiga video frequencies

Video Processor
Video Suite
Scan Rate Converter/TBC (never produced)

Although the OpalVision board is not an RTG graphics card, it is possible to use this card with many other pieces of software which support it. An example is using it with the Apple Macintosh emulator board Emplant to displays the Macs output.

Review of OpalVision

Thanks to Ed Joseph, Antoine Dubourgand, Gary Bliter and Jeff Rose