Network Cards & Modules

For some PCMCIA Network Cards you may need to perform this modifcation to make them work effectively. There are many other networking solutions for the Amiga, other than what is listed here. For example PCI network cards can be used if you have a PCI busboard, or ISA network cards can be used if you have an ISA Bridgeboard. There are also many PCMCIA network cards which are compatible with the CNET ethernet driver found on Aminet. This section however is intended for network cards which are considered to be specifically aimed at, or made for the Amiga.

Manufacturer Product
Ameristar/CEI A4066 Ethernet PLUS [ZII]
AEM-500 [SE]
Amigo Business Computers Amigo Ethernet [PCMCIA]
Amitrix AmigaLink [O]
AmLink Disknet [O]
ASDG EB920 (Lan Rover) [ZII]
Ateo Ateonet 1/1+ [O]
Ateonet 3/3+ [O]
Commodore A560 [SE]
A2060 [ZII]
A2065 [ZII]
GVP A-Net 500 [SE]
A-Net 2000 [ZII]
Hydra Systems AmigaNet (Hydra 500) [SE]
AmigaNet 1200 (Hydra 1200) [PCMCIA]
AmigaNet Z2 (Hydra Zorro) [ZII]
E3B Norway [O]
Individual Computers X-Surf [ZII]
Kato Developments Unity Net 10 [ZII]
Unity Net 100 [ZII]
National Amiga APNET (NIMIQ) [PCMCIA]
Nine Tiles AmigaLink [ZII]
Power Computing PowerLAN [PCMCIA]
PPS (Progressive Peripherals & Software) DoubleTalk [ZII]
Resource Management Force QuickNet 500 [SE]
QuickNet 2000 [ZII]
RBM IOBlix Ethernet Module [O]
S-Cube NetAx [PCMCIA]
Socket Communications (Interworks) ICard [PCMCIA]
Village Tronic Ariadne [ZII]
Ariadne II [ZII]
Zeus Electronic Development Connexion [ZII]

KEY Meaning
[O] Connects to the Amiga by some other means
[PCMCIA] Connects to the PCMCIA slot.
[SE] Connects to the side expansion slot as found on the A500 and A1000
[ZII] Zorro II card. (ZII cards also work in ZIII slots)