Hi Res Version (1150 x 481)

Type AppleTalk
SANA-II Driver: Unknown
MNI Driver: Unknown
Other Driver: Yes

DoubleTalk is a package which implemented an AppleTalk compatible network by the use of a Zorro Card or a special A500 solution. The network was between doubletalk boards and/or AMAX cards which could communicate up to 460Kpbs or could be used on a Mac network although only at the Apple standard of 320Kps. The Amiga can be used as a file server, print server or as a client. How the network is setup is not entirely clear, as the DoubleTalk appears to contain two "serial" ports, one is 25pin and the other is 9pin. It is possible that some form of tranceiver was connected to these ports.

Thanks to Iggy Drougge and Sam Pettus