BridgeBoards & Emulator Cards

Manufacturer Product
Armax Omnibus [ZII, ISA]
Combitec (MacroSystem) Medusa ST [ZII]
Commodore A1060 Sidecar [SE]
A2088 XT Bridgeboard [ZII, ISA]
A2286 AT Bridgeboard [ZII, ISA]
A2386SX Bridgeboard [ZII, ISA]
Elite Microsystems 486SLC [ZII, ISA]
GVP PC286 [O]
KCS Power PC Board 500 [TD]
Power PC Board 500+ [TD]
Power PC Board 600 [TD]
Power PC Board [ZII]
MAST BrainStorm
Matay Prometheus [ZIII]
Pulsar Power PC Board (500) [TD]
ReadySoft A-Max [O]
A-Max-II [ZII]
A-Max-II Plus [ZII]
A-Max IV [ZII]
Software Results GoldenGate Bridge II+ [ZII, ISA]
Utilities Unlimited Emplant Board [ZII]
Vortex ATonce Classic (500/500+) [CS]
ATonce Plus (500/+/2000) [CS]
GoldenGate 386SX [ZII, ISA]
GoldenGate 486SLC [ZII, ISA]
GoldenGate 486SLC II [ZII, ISA]
Unknown CrossLink [ZII, ISA]
Turbo XT [O]

CS Sits in the CPU socket
ISA Connects to an ISA slot
O Connects to the Amiga using some other means
SE Connects to the Side Expansion slot, such as those found on the A500 and A1000
TD Connects to the Trapdoor Slot
ZII Zorro II card (ZII cards also work in ZII slots)
ZIII Zorro III card (ZIII cards do NOT work in ZII slots)