A1200 Accelerators

Note: Viper cards and Magnum cards appear to be rebadged versions of the Apollo series, but this has not been confirmed.

Manufacturer Product
ACT 1200XL [TD]
Apollo 1220 Turbo [TD]
Apollo 1230 [TD]
Apollo 1230 Lite (LC) [TD]
Apollo 1230 Mk-II (Apollo 1230 Pro) [TD]
Apollo 1230 Mk-III Turbo [TD]
Apollo 1240 [TD]
Apollo 1260 [TD]
CSA 12-Gauge [TD]
CSA 1250 [TD]
DCE Blizzard 1240 [TD]
Blizzard 1260 [TD]
Taifun 1230 [TD]
Typhoon [TD]
Typhoon Mk-II [TD]
Viper 1230 [TD]
Viper 1230/28 RTC [TD]
Viper 1230 LC Turbo [TD]
Viper 1230 Mk-II Turbo [TD]
Viper 1230 Mk-IV [TD]
Viper 1230 Mk-V [TD]
Viper 1240 [TD]
Viper 1260 [TD]
DKB Cobra [TD]
DKB 1240 [TD]
Mongoose [TD]
Elbox Elbox 1230 LC Turbo [TD]
Elbox 1230 Mk-II [TD]
GVP A1230 Turbo+ (Jaws) [TD]
A1230 Turbo+ Series II (Jaws-II) [TD]
Harms Computertechnik Turbo Jet [TD]
Turbo Jet 1230xi [TD]
Macrosystem Falcon 1240 [TD]
Falcon 1260 [TD]
Met@box AmiJoe 1200 [TD]
MicroRobotics (MBX) MBX 1230XA [TD]
M-Tec M/Tec T1220 RTC [TD]
M/Tec 1230LC [TD]
M/Tec 1230/28 RTC [TD]
M/Tec 1230/42 RTC [TD]
M/Tec 1230/56 RTC [TD]
TRA 1200 [TD]
Paravision Paravision 1230 [TD]
Phase 5 Blizzard 1220 / 1204 [TD]
Blizzard 1230 [TD]
Blizzard 1230 Mk-II [TD]
Blizzard 1230 Mk-III [TD]
Blizzard 1230 Mk-IV [TD]
Blizzard 1240T/ERC [TD]
Blizzard 1260 [TD]
Blizzard PPC 603e [TD]
Blizzard PPC 603e+ [TD]
Power Computing Viper 1230/28 RTC [TD]
Wizard Developments Magnum 1230 [TD]
Magnum 1230 Turbo Mk-II
Magnum 1240 [TD]
Magnum 1260 [TD]

TD Connects to the trapdoor slot.