Apollo 1260

Processor: 060@50Mhz, 060@66Mhz or LC060@75Mhz
FPU: None in LC060, Internal in full 060.
MMU: Internal
Max Ram: 32MB (64MB with an additional SIMM socket)
Ram Type: 1 x 72pin SIMM socket. (An additional SIMM slot can be fitted), (EDO RAM works but is not taken advantage of)

An accelerator which plugs into the trapdoor slot of the A1200. It has a battery backed up clock and is PCMCIA friendly. An optional SCSI-II controller was available for this card. An additional SIMM socket could be fitted by the dealer, or the end user if they were competent enough. The 66Mhz version of this card uses a 50Mhz 060 which has been overclocked by the manufacturer. Note, the Magnum 1260 is likely to be a rebadged version of this card.


Jumper OFF ON
RAM Turn off RAM Turn on RAM
SCSI Disable SCSI Autoboot Enable SCSI Autoboot
Processor 040 Installed 060 Installed

SCSI Jumper

The SCSI interface's autoboot option should be turned off if there are no bootable devices or any devices at all attached to the SCSI bus. This prevents a 30 second delay while the system attempts to detect bootable SCSI devices. It is possible to upgrade this card to an 060 with an appropriate voltage regulator.

CLK Jumper

Processor Position
040 @ any Mhz Set to 040
060@50Mhz Set to 060
060@66Mhz Set to 040

Thanks to Kevin