Amiga Misc Hardware

This area is for hardware which doesn't easily fit into other categories. For other misc hardware which are Zorro cards, please see the Misc Zorro Cards section.

Manufacturer Product
Acemore Freedom Connection
Alcomp Mouse Switch
Alfa Data 86pin Expansion Adaptor
Auto Mouse/Joystick Switcher
Infra-red Mouse
Pen Mouse
Alien Avionics TDL 487 Delay Line
Alphatron Alpha 68881
Amiga Corp Joyboard
Anakin Research EasyL Graphics Tablet
Ateo Concept A1200 PC Keyboard Adapter
ASI X-Copy Dongle
Atrax Atrax TV Modulator
Binaerdesign Computer-Grafik Amiga Transputer Workstation
CAS Double Floppy (Plexiglass)
Catus TeknoAmiga
Combitec Clock 77
Commodore A1010
A520 TV Modulator
A1000 TV Modulator
A3000 Analyser Card
Amiga BTX Kabel
Diagnostic Tool
VGA Adaptor
C.Ltd Timesaver
Datel Action Replay
Action Replay (A2000 Version)
Action Replay (A500 Version)
Action Replay (A1200 Version)
Action Replay MK-II (A500 Version)
Action Replay MK-II (A2000 Version)
Action Replay Mk-III (A500 Version)
Action Replay Mk-III (A2000 Version)
Datic Joystick/Mouse Switcher
DigiFex Corporation Video Interface Professional
DIT and Amiga Magazin A1000 RTBBC
DKB Battdisk
The Clock
DPS RC-2000
Elbox EFlash 1200
Eureka Communicator (1 and 2)
Expert Services Rejuvenator II
Eyetech EZ-Link
FEO Elektronik Topolino
Topolino II
Topolino III
Fischer Monitor Switch
Genuine Genuine Eprommer
Haitex Resources, Inc X Spec 3D
HK Computer Vector
KCS Dual HD Deluxe
Kato Developments Amplifier LCD Output
Lyppens Software Productions (LSP) Video Backup System
Micrograf Tabby
Microtech A1200 PSU
Nordsoft System Protect
Phoenix Microtechnologies CIA Guard
Power Computing PC880B
Practical Solutions Mouse Master
Prevue Technologies Syncstrainer
ProDAD Cavin
REX Datentechnik 9101/9203
Quickbyte 5
Relais Karte
Ronin Research K-Card
Rossmoeller Handshake GmbH Video Backup System
Sang Transputer MEGA Link01 Plus
MEGA Link02
MEGA Link03
SEGA ??? "Sega Development Unit"
Supra SupraDrive
TOMS AUX Extender
Keyboard Interface
Trojan Trojan Lightgun
Trojan Lightpen
Vortex Monitor Master
System 2000 Personality Module
Wilcom Australia Amiga Analyzer
XPert Avalon Junior Transputer
FloppyStation Max 1
YCP VTT (Video Toaster Tester)
Unknown A1200 Real Time Clock (uses clockport)
ACQVID Connector
Amiga Slow Down
Pro-Agnus SS2 Board
QuickCam Connector
ROM Disk