Graphics Cards (Retargetable)

There are many other Graphics Card solutions available for the Amiga, other than what is listed here. For example, many PCI graphics cards can be used if you have a PCI busboard. This section however, only lists cards which are considered specifically aimed at, or made for the Amiga.

Manufacturer Product
Armax Omnibus [ZII]
Ateo Pixel 64 [O]
BSC ColorMaster 24 [O]
Graffity [ZAS]
Commodore A2410 (aka "University of Lowell card") [ZII]
DCE Cybervision 64/3D Mk-II [ZAS]
DKB Inferno [O]
DMI Resolver [ZII]
Impact Vision 24 [ZII]
Spectrum28/24 [ZAS]
Spectrum110/24 [O]
Ingenieur Helfrich Piccolo [ZAS]
Piccolo SD64 [ZAS]
Rainbow [ZII]
Rainbow II [ZII]
Rainbow III [ZIII]
Macro Systems Altais [O]
Altais PLUS [O]
Retina Z2 [ZII]
Retina Z3 [ZIII]
Phase 5 BVision (BlizzVision) [O]
CyberVision 64 [ZIII]
CyberVision 64/3D [ZAS]
Cybervision PPC [O]
Village Tronic Picasso II [ZII]
Picasso II+ [ZII]
Picasso IV [ZAS]
Xpert Domino [ZII]
Merlin [ZAS]
Visiona [ZII]
Visiona Plus [ZII]

[O] Connects to the Amiga by some other means
[ZII] Zorro II card (ZII cards also work in ZIII slots)
[ZIII] Zorro III card (ZIII cards do NOT work in ZII slots)
[ZAS] Zorro Auto-Sensing. Acts as a ZII card in a ZII slot, but acts as a ZIII card in a ZIII slot