A2410 (aka "University of Lowell card")

Chipset(s) Texas Instruments TSM34010
Graphics Memory 2MB
8bit Support: Yes
16bit Support: No
24bit Support: No (has a 24bit palette however)
Display Drivers
CyberGraphX V2: Yes
CyberGraphX V3: No
CyberGraphX V4: Yes (requires at least 4.2)
Picasso 96: No
EGS: Yes
Other: Yes (supported under Amix, the official Amiga UNIX)

One of the main reasons why the A2410 was manufactured was for use under the other official operating system for Amigas known as Commodore Amiga UNIX, affectionately called Amix. Amix was supplied with the A3000UX, and UNIX versions of the A2500. The card is Zorro II only. Depending on the version of the card it has a pixel clock of either 36Mhz or 67Mhz. Graphics RAM was in the form of 100ns ZIP chips.

Example Display Modes
Resolution Depth Frequency
1024 x 1024 8 80Hz
1024 x 768 8 66Hz
1024 x 768L 8 45Hz
800 x 600 8 ?
640 x 400L 8 ?

L = Laced (ie an Interlaced Mode)

Thanks to Dave Haynie