A3000/A3000T/A3500 Accelerators

Most A3000 accelerators are also compatible with the A4000 series.

Manufacturer Product
ACT Apollo 3040 [CF]
Apollo 3060 [CF]
Apollo 4040 [CF]
Apollo 4060 [CF]
Commodore 68040 Accelerator Card (040 Prototype) [CF]
A3630 (A3200/A3400) [CF]
A3640 [CF]
Gemini Dual Processor Project [CF]
DCE Cyberstorm PPC 604e [CF]
Eureka Afterburner [CF]
GVP G-Force 040 (3000/4000) [CF]
T-Rex (GVP 3040/4040) [CF]
Hardital PowerChanger [CF]
Macro Systems (US) WarpEngine 3028 [CF]
WarpEngine 3033 [CF]
WarpEngine 3040 [CF]
Phase 5 Blizzard 4030 [CF]
CyberStorm Mk-I 040/060 [CF]
CyberStorm Mk-II 040/ERC [CF]
CyberStorm Mk-II 060 [CF]
CyberStorm Mk-III [CF]
Cyberstorm PPC [CF]
PowerUp PPC Prototype [O]
PPS Mercury 040 [CF]
PPS040-3000 [CF]
QuikPak QuikPak 4060 [CF]

[CF] Connects to the CPU Fast Slot
[O] Connects to the Amiga by some other means