CyberStorm Mk-II 040 and 060

Cyberstorm Mk-II 040 version

Cyberstorm Mk-II 060 version

Internal SCSI-II connector

External SCSI-II connector

Hi Res Version of Cyberstorm Mk-II 040 (1827 x 900)
Hi Res Image of SCSI-II connectors. (1051 x 615)
Image detailing jumper locations (1200 x 600)

Processor: 040@40Mhz or 060@50Mhz
FPU: Internal
MMU: Internal
Max Ram: 128MB (if special A3000 version exists, 64MB)
Ram Type: 4 x 72pin SIMM slots (if special A3000 version exists, 2 x 72pin SIMM slots)

An accelerator which plugs into the CPU Fast slot. The card also has an optional SCSI-II controller which consists of two parts that are linked together via a ribbon cable. One part offers an internal 50pin connector, whilst the other offers an external 50pin connector. If you install this card in an A3000 it may be necessary to perform the infamous INT-2 modification, especially in order to get the SCSI-II controller working. There may have been a special A3000 version of this card containing only two SIMM slots, but this has not been confirmed.

SCSI Jumpers

External Connector
Setting Function
Pins 1-2 AUTO Termination
Pins 2-3 Termination OFF
No Pins Shorted Termination ON

Jumper Function Default
0 Debug Mode Open
1 Reserved Open
2 Show Inquiry Mode Open
3 Show Cable Mode Open
4 Synchron Auto-Enable Closed
5 Reserved Open
Upper Right Termination Power Closed
Upper Left Hard Drive LED -

Upgrading 040 to 060 version

All actions are entirely at your own risk!

This procedure requires delicate soldering and a competent solderer. If you do not feel confident enough, ask someone who, is to perform the upgrade. There is a real chance you could damage the hardware.

On this picture you can see three red boxes, showing the locations of the voltage regulator (box 1, right side), a wire jumper (box 1, left side), and two SMT resistors (boxes 2 and 3). Follow the lines from these boxes to the edge of the picture, where positions for the 68040 and 68060 have been drawn up.

Required parts:
-A 68060 cpu.
-A 3.3v voltage regulator, capable of delivering 3 Amperes or more. Package: D2PAK.
-A new oscillator. 50 MHz is the standard 060 speed, but the cyberstorm mk2 can handle 66 MHz quite well. NOTE: Not all cyberscsi modules tolerate overclocking.
-Optional: a socket for the oscillator (recommended).

1: Carefully remove the old 68040 cpu.
2: Remove the old oscillator.
3: Install the new oscillator (or socket).
4: Move the two SMT resistors to their correct position.
5: Move the wire jumper to the correct position.
6: Install the voltage regulator.
7: Install the 68060.
8: Thats it!

Thanks to Patrik Sjoblom and Paul Maric