SCSI Controllers

Devices listed in this category are primarily SCSI host adaptors however you will also find very old hard drive controllers in this category such as ST506/ST412 (MFM) and ESDI (MFM/RLL).

Manufacturer Product
ACT Apollo 1200 [TD]
Apollo 2000 "3-State" [ZII]
Apollo SCSI Module [O]
Advanced Storage Systems Nexus SCSI Card [ZII]
ALF Autoboot Card [ZII]
AmiTrix SCSI-TV [O]
SCSI-TV/570 [O]
Archos Add 500 [SE]
Add 2000 [ZII]
AshCom AddHard [SE]
ALF 332C [ZII]
Oktagon 2008 [ZII]
Oktagon 4008
"Oktagon" A508 [SE]
Combitec Autoboot Card (2090b) [ZII]
HD20/HD40 [SE]
SRAM 500 [SE]
Commodore A2090 [ZII]
A2090a [ZII]
A2091 [ZII]
A4091 [ZIII]
A590 [SE]
Auto Boot Card [ZII]
(also licensed to Byte-by-Byte) C2-ML [ZII]
Comspec SA2000 [ZII]
DKB 4091 [ZIII]
Ferret [O]
Rapidfire [ZII]
Spitfire [ZII]
Evesham Micros Reference 500 [SE]
Expansion Systems Dataflyer 500 [SE]
Dataflyer 1000 [SE]
Dataflyer 1200 SCSI [O]
Dataflyer 2000s [ZII]
Dataflyer Express [SE]
Dataflyer (PLUS) [ZII]
Dataflyer SCSI+ 4000 [O]
GVP 1200
1291 [O]
4008 [ZII]
4098 [ZIII]
A500 HD+ [SE]
A2000-SCSI+8 [ZII]
Hard Disk Card+2 [ZII]
HD500 [SE]
Impact A500 [SE]
Impact Series II 2000-HC [ZII]
Impact Series II 2000-HC+8 [ZII]
Impact Series II 4000-HC+8 [ZII]
Hardital Synthesis [SE]
HiSoft Squirrel [PCMCIA]
Surf Squirrel [PCMCIA]
HK Professional SCSI [ZII]
ICD AdSCSI 2000 Advantage [ZII]
AdSCSI 2080 [ZII]
Trifecta LX (500 version) [SE]
Trifecta LX [ZII]
Ingenrfirmaet Finn Jacobsen Denmark DanAmiga [ZII]
Intelligent Memory Imtronics HC 2000 [ZII]
Kronos [ZII]
IVS GrandSlam 2000 [ZII]
GrandSlam 500 [SE]
TrumpCard 500 [SE]
TrumpCard 2000 [ZII]
Kupke Golem SCSI [ZII]
Macro System Evolution 2000 [ZII]
MFM Controller [ZII]
(Multi) Evolution 500
Mainhattan Data Paradox
Masoboshi MasterCard [ZII]
MAST Fireball 2000 [ZII]
Fireball Junior
Tiny Tiger
Tiny Tiger II [O]
MicroBotics HardFrame [ZII]
MTec MasterCard [O]
Pacific Peripherals/IVS Overdrive SCSI [ZII]
Phase 5 Blizzard II SCSI-II Module [O]
Blizzard III SCSI-II Module [O]
Blizzard IV SCSI-II Module [O]
CyberStorm Mk-I SCSI Module [O]
CyberStorm Mk-II SCSI Module [O]
FastLane Z3 [ZIII]
Progressive Peripherals The Vault [SE]
Promigos Ombi 5520 and 5528 [SE]
Protar A500 HD [SE]
REX Datentechnik Festplatte am Amiga (MFM/ST506/ST412)
Roctec RocHard [SE]
Vector Falcon 8000 [ZII]
Rossmoeller First Edition '91 [SE]
SKI Peripherals Skistor 2000 [ZII]
Spirit Inmate [O]
SHC 506 (MFM/ST506) [ZII]
Supra Bytesync 2000 [ZII]
SupraDrive 4x4 [SE]
SupraDrive SCSI [SE]
Supra: Harddisk and RAM [SE]
Supra 500XP [SE]
WordSync 2000 [ZII]
Tandon Business Card [O]
Tecmar T-Disk [SE]
Vector Falcon 570 [O]
Xetec Fastcard [ZII]
FastTrak A500 Host Adaper [SE]
Unknown Boil [SE]

[O] Connects to the Amiga by some other means
[PCMCIA] Connects to the PCMCIA slot
[SE] Connects to the side expansion slot as found on the A500 or A1000
[TD] Connects to the trapdoor slot
[ZII] Zorro II Card (ZII cards also work in ZIII slots)
[ZIII] Zorro III Card (ZIII cards do NOT work in ZII slots)