MIDI Devices

For sound cards that contain MIDI devices, please see the Sound Card section.

Manufacturer Product
Blue Ribbon Soundworks Triple Play Plus MIDI-Interface
Datel MicroMIDI
MidiMaster [S]
Datic Datic MIDI Interface [S]
Dr Ts Music Software Dr Ts MIDI Interface [S]
Golden Hawk Technology MIDI Gold 500 [S]
MIDI Gold 2000 [S]
HiSoft ProMIDI [S]
HK Professional MIDI [S]
MIDI Design MD-1 [S]
Omega Projects Mini MIDI [S]
Pyramid MIDI Gate [S]
The Disc Company MIDI Connector [S]
TS MIDI Interface [S]

O Connects to the Amiga by some other means
S Connects to the serial port.