I/O Cards & Modules

This category lists devices that contain any combination of Serial, Parallel, USB and Firewire ports.

Manufacturer Product
Ambience Creation Technology Thylacine USB [ZII]
Amigo Business Computers Amigo Serial [PCMCIA]
ComPorts Card [ZII]
Applied System Group (ASG) Amiox [ZII]
Artur 'Spidi' Gadawski PARalizer [CP]
SpeedCOM [CP]
ASDG Dual Serial [ZII]
Ateo AteoIO 1 [O]
AteoPar [O]
AteoSer 1 [O]
AteoSer II [O]
AteoSer II Mini [O]
BSC MultiFace [ZII]
MultiFace 2 [ZII]
BSC/Alfa Data MultiFace 3 [ZII]
Commodore A2232 [ZII]
Amiga X-Press [PCMCIA]
Creative Development UltraBus USB [ZII/CP]
E3B Highway USB [ZII]
Subway USB [CP]
Elbox Spider USB [O]
Spider II USB [O]
GVP I/O Extender [ZII]
HiSoft Whippet [PCMCIA]
HK-Computer Vector Connection [ZII]
Individual Computers GoldSurfer [CP]
SilverSurfer [CP]
IVS PrinterFace [O]
Kato Developments Twister [CP]
Twister Mk-II [CP]
Macrosystem DV (Firewire) Module [O]
Petsoff DelSer [O]
ProSystem ProIO [ZII]
IOBlix 1200S [CP]
IOBlix 1200P [CP]
Vision Factory Development & VGR Callisto1 USB [O]
Ganymede1 USB [O]
Io1 USB [O]
VMC HyperCom 1 (Portjnr) [CP]
HyperCom 3 [CP]
HyperCom 3+ (Portplus) [CP]
HyperCom 3+ [ZII]
HyperCom 3i
HyperCom 3Z [ZII]
HyperCom 4 [ZII]
HyperCom 4+ [ZII]
(Eyetech) Port Plus [CP]
(Eyetech) Port Plus JNR [CP]
Unknown DL2000

KEY Meaning
[CP] Connects to the A1200 Clock Port and compatible connectors.
[O] Connects to the Amiga by some other means.
[PCMCIA] Designed for PCMCIA port
[ZII] Zorro II card (ZII cards also work in ZIII slots)
[ZIII] Zorro III card (ZIII cards do NOT work in ZII slots)