This picture shows an earlier prototype of the card

The Highway is a half length Zorro II card which provides the Amiga with USB ports.

- Compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 although it does not support high speed modes
- Integrated 4-port hub
- All ports are protected against over-voltage and short circuit
- Integrated power management by port
- Requires at least an 030@25Mhz and AmigaOS 3.1
- Bus interface logic can be upgraded without hardware modifications (probably by flashing)
- Expansion connector.
- Power supply with 2.0 Amp minimum on 5V (each used USB port will use a maximum of 500mA, depending on connected device)
- Contains a 38pin expansion port for the connection of the Norway ethernet module.

At the time of writing drivers exists for mice, keyboards, serial interfaces and parallel ports (printers). Third party drivers for digicam and webcam are in development.

Thanks to Michael Boehmer