1000CS Virtuality System

The 1000CS Virtuality System was based around the A3000 and was designed to be used in Arcade Halls. It was a multiplayer system where players could fight against each other in a virtual world. The players would stand inside a "pod" and wear a helmet and gloves which sensed the players movements and translated them into actions in the virtual world. One machine existed as a research system at the University of Delft. They operated by a magnetic frequency block inside the base and the headset carries 2 or 3 sensors to detect the frequency it generates. Each machine is assigned a different frequency to avoid confusion. Up to four systems were linked together by thin ethernet (10-Base-2). The graphics was handle by a TMS 34020 chipset with TMS 34082 processor, similar to the chipsets found in very old Amiga graphics cards. There were several games available for the units which included Dactyl Nightmare (3D pistol shoot-em-up), Capture the Flag, (hand to hand combat), Lengend Quest, (Fantasy Role Playing) and Grid Busters (shoot-em-up). These units originally cost US$60,000 each, with an estimated total of 350 units sold. You can find additional info here

Thanks to Guus Mansveld and Dan Caschetto