Personal TBC II

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A single channel, infinite window, time base corrector for the Amiga (also works with PCs) that plugs into an ISA slot. It doesn't require active ISA slots on the Amiga, because it simply uses them to draw power. It is primarily designed for use with the Video Toaster to aid proper syncing of the video. It was usually supplied with some software which was simply called TBC with the latest version being 4. The unit has 4 x BNC connectors which are Video In, Video Out, Timing In and Timing Out. The card also has a phone jack connector and an internal 4 pin header which are both serial connections. These serial connectors are designed to control up to 4 TBC's plus a vector scope wave monitor which are daisy-chained together. Apparently an external enclosure and controller was also available for this unit. This card is probably NTSC only.


ID (1-4): Sets the unique ID if multiple cards are daisy chained.

Thanks to Ed Joseph, CLS2086 and Michael Mellendorf