GVP 3001

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Processor: 030@25Mhz, 030@28Mhz, 030@33Mhz or 030@50Mhz
FPU: 68882 (PGA) at the same speed as the processor.
MMU: Internal
Max Ram: 8MB
Ram Type: 8 x GVP 64pin SIMM slots.

An accelerator for the A2000 which plugs into the CPU Fast Slot. It actually consists of two boards which are connected together, one containing the accelerator components such as the processor, fpu and the hard disk (3.5" IDE), and the other contains the RAM. This was the first 030 card that GVP released for the A2000. The card can also take the special UNIX Boot ROMs as found on the Commodore A2620 or A2630 to support the alternative Commodore operating system Amix. This card uses GVP 64pin SIMMs which are not necessarily compatible with the various other 64pin SIMM formats which exist.

Thanks to NicDouille