Picture showing the A2630 boot screen

Hi Res Version (1427x502)

Processor: 030@25Mhz (Can be upgraded to an 030@50Mhz with the Rocket Launcher)
FPU: 68881 or 68882 @25Mhz or 33Mhz (PGA)
MMU: Internal
Max Ram: 4MB (Further RAM can be added by using a DKB2632)
Ram Type: 256K ZIP Chips.

An accelerator which plugs into the CPU Fast slot of the A2000. This accelerator also has ROMs to support booting of the other official operating system called Commodore Amiga UNIX (Amix). In order to use AmigaOS 2.0+, you need at least V6.6 of the A2630 ROMs but preferably V7.0. The A2630 has a fall-back mode where the card can be switched to using the 68000, primarily for compatibility with old and broken software. This function may only be available on some cards, as the jumper (J304) to enable it appears to have different functions, depending on the revision of the card.


Jumper On Off
J301 2MB Installed 4MB Installed
Function may depend on card revision)
4 Layer Enabled (Use with German 4.0 A2000 motherboards) 4 Layer Disabled.
Function may depend on card revision)
Enable bootscreen Disable bootscreen
J303 Disable RAM Enable RAM
J302 Autoboot Amiga UNIX Autoboot AmigaOS
J202 FPU is the same speed as the CPU. FPU clocked independently of the processor. (Requires an additional crystal)

Thanks to Greg Scott (National Amiga), Robert Williams and Albrecht