Amiga 3500

Picture of an A3500 motherboard mounted in an A3000T case. Note the blue PCB!

Hi Res Version of A3500 Motherboard 1 (1200 x 1600)
Hi Res Version of A3500 Motherboard 2 (1200 x 1600)
Hi Res Version of A3500 Motherboard 3 (1200 x 1600)
Hi Res Version of A3500 Motherboard (1280 x 960)

Standard Specifications

Case Type: Full Tower
Processor: 030@25Mhz
MMU: Internal
FPU: 68882@25Mhz (030 version)
Chipset: ECS
Kickstarts: V2.04 (Unconfirmed)
Bus Controller: Super Buster Rev 7
Expansion Slots: 5 x 100pin Zorro III Slots
1 x ECS Video Slot (Inline with Zorro)
4 x Inactive 16bit ISA slots (2 inline with Zorro)
1 x 200pin CPU Fast Slot
Standard CHIP RAM: 2MB (possibly 1MB)
RAM sockets: ZIP & DIL sockets
Hard Drive Controllers: 1 x SCSI-II Controller
Drive Bays: 4 x 5.25" (4 with faceplates, 2 vertical, 2 horiztonal)
3 x 3.5" (2 with faceplates)
Expansion Ports: 1 x 25pin Serial
1 x 25pin Parallel
1 x 23pin RGB Video
1 x 15pin VGA Connector (unconfirmed)
1 x 23pin External Floppy
2 x 9pin Joystick/Mouse
2 x RCA Audio (Left/Right)
1 x 25pin External SCSI connector
1 x large 5pin DIN Keyboard connector.
Floppy Drive: 1 x Internal 880K Floppy Drive
Motherboard Revisions: Rev 1
Rev 2
(Later revisions are probably A3000T motherboards)
Battery Backed Up Clock: Yes, uses "Barrel" shaped batteries.

Very little is known about the A3500 as it was never officially released, however an unknown number of models certainly found there way to dealers and end-users. A likely cause for the A3500 never being officially released is that it was probably the pre-cursor to the A3000T which is almost identical, apart from a slightly different case and some minor differences mentioned below. In Commodore's tradition of whacky naming schemes the A3500 does not carry the "T" designation that their other tower systems do. The A3500 was previewed at the Business Computing show in 1991 and can be seen in the "Deathbed Vigil" video by Dave Haynie. The A3500 came with an 030@25Mhz and 68882@25Mhz on the motherboard. It seems unlikely that any machines were supplied with an 040 as the true A3000T was released shortly afterwards. The A3500 has the same SCSI-II controller as found in the A3000T and the desktop A3000 and also contains the same built in scandoubler. Some early prototype A3500's actually have a blue motherboard and even blue zorro slots and jumpers which is quite unique as all other Amiga's have the traditional green motherboard and black Zorro slots. Unlike the A3000T, the A3500 lacks a CD-ROM audio connector for mixing in the sound output of a CDROM, however it has two hard disk LEDs, instead of one and a power LED. The actual A3500 case is based upon a tower case which Commodore used with one of their PC systems (read IBM Clone) but had a different name plate and an extra externally accessible drive bay. The A3500 also includes an internal speaker for playing the native audio, however external speakers can still be attached.

Please see the A3000T

Thanks to DJ, Treveur Bretaudiere, Matthew Garrett and Andreas Loong