Picture showing the VXL 30 with Ram 32 attached

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Processor: 030@25Mhz or EC030@25Mhz (40Mhz and 50Mhz upgrade kits were available)
FPU: Optional 68881 or 68882 (PLCC)
MMU: Internal for full 030's, None for EC030's.
Max Ram: 8MB (Requires an additional RAM daughterboard)
Ram Type: DRAM Chips

An accelerator for the A500 and A2000 which sits in the CPU socket. Additional RAM can be added by attaching the VXL RAM 32 daughterboard. A 68000 can be installed on the card as a fall back for old incompatible software. The RAM card also has a socket for installing the Kickstart chip for an additional performance increase.

Thanks to Ryan Callaghan