Viper A520CD

Hi Res Version (850 x 832)

Processor: EC020@33Mhz
FPU: Optional @33Mhz (PGA)
MMU: None
Max Ram: 8MB
Ram Type: Surface Mounted

An accelerator for the A500 which plugs into the CPU socket. Unlike most accelerators for the A500, this card offers a large number of additional expansions. It includes 1 x 2.5" IDE interface, 2 x 3.5" IDE Connectors intended for CDROMs, Kickstart 3.0 ROMs and a Mini Mega Chip slot. It is unknown whether both 3.5" IDE connectors can be in use, simultaneously with the 2.5" IDE interface.

Download the Manual (In German) here

Thanks to Juergen Schmitz