TekMagic 040 and 060

Processor: 040@40Mhz or 060@50Mhz
FPU: Internal
MMU: Internal
Max Ram: 128MB
Ram Type: 4 x 72pin SIMM slots and 4 x GVP 64pin SIMM slots. (See notes below about use)

An accelerator for the A2000 which plugs into the CPU Fast slot. The card has the ability to take either the standard 72pin SIMMs, or the superior but proprietary GVP 64pin SIMMs. Please note that GVP 64pin SIMMs are not necessarily compatible with the various other 64pin SIMM formats which exist. Each 72pin SIMM slot is linked to a 64pin SIMM slot, therefore if you have a 72pin SIMM plugged in, you cannot also use a 64pin SIMM in the corresponding slot and vice versa. The card contains a DMA SCSI-II controller which provides an internal 50pin connector, and an external 50pin connector which supports autobooting. The card allows you to shadow the Kickstart into Fast RAM for improved performance, and has a 68000 fallback mode for compatibility with old software. In order you use this card you must be running at least Kickstart 2.04 and have a motherboard which is revision 4.5 or higher. By default the card never came with a heatsink or fan installed on the CPU. It may be necessary to add a heatsink and fan, especially to the 040 version. If you find your card's operation is flaky, make sure you are using the latest version of SetPatch available for your OS version.


Jumper OPEN (off) Position CLOSED (On) Position Default
J3 clock enabled clock disabled OFF
J4 CPU 68000 CPU 68040/060 ON
J5 No DTACK pull-up resistor DTACK pull up enabled OFF
J6 Active SCSI termination enabled Active SCSI Termination disabled OFF
J7 DMA ignores interrupt DMA Back Of interrupt OFF
JR1 Non Burst mode (any number of SIMMS) Burst Mode (increments of 2 SIMMS) ON
JR2 DRAM vs CPU speed see chart OFF
JR3 Burst Write Disabled Burst Write Enabled ON
JR4 Burst Read Disabled Burst Read Enabled ON
JR5 4MB GVP simms installed 16MB GVP SIMMS installed OFF
JR6 Single sided 72pin SIMMs used Double sided 72pin SIMMS used OFF
JR8 2k or 4k refresh 4k refresh only OFF
PINS 1 & 2
PINS 2 & 3
J1 CPU power 5V (68040 only!) CPU power 3.3V (68060 only!) *
J2 CPU Clock Selection for 040 CPU Clock Selection for 060 *
J9 ROM type 27C256 (VCC) ROM type 27C512 (A16 1&2
J10 12 Volt Fan (do NOT change!)
J11 5 Volt Fan (do NOT change!)

CPU Vs. 68060 50Mhz 68040 40Mhz 68040 33Mhz JR2 Settings

GVP Tekmagic Support Site

Thanks to Emery Premeaux and Frank Cieslewicz