Supra 28 Turbo

Processor: 68HC000@28Mhz (with SRAM Cache)
FPU: None
MMU: None
Max Ram: Probably 8MB
Ram Type: Unknown

An accelerator which connects to the side expansion slot of the A500 and includes a pass-thru for other devices. This device also works in the A2000, but instead plugs into the CPU Fast Slot. The A2000 "version" was not supplied with the case. For switching in an A2000, you needed to use software or a separate jumper switch which trailed outside the A2000's case.


Boot Jumper

Enables or disables booting. A cable from the jumper goes outside the machine with a switch on it, however this might only apply to the A2000 version.

Machine Jumper

If used with an A2000, the jumper must be installed, however if it's used with an A500 it must be removed.

Option Jumper

For use with e.g. a bridgeboard. When having more than 4 Mbyte of FAST Ram you can remove the Option jumper. Removing the Option jumper will disable caching of the upper four megabytes of the Amiga auto-configuring RAM expansion space. In Amigas with at least four megabytes of auto- configuring RAM, this will allow the dual ported RAM of the bridgeboard to operate without affecting the cache on the SupraTurbo28.


SupraTurbo can be turned ON (fast speed) or OFF (slow speed) at any time just by changing the setting of the ON/OFF switch on the SupraTurbo. The software provided can also be used to turn the SupraTurbo ON (Fast speed) or OFF (slow speed). The position of the ON/OFF switch at power on or reset determines the initial operating speed of the computer. Once the computer is turned on, the switch can be used to change the speed of the computer, or the software can be used.

Because there are two ways to control the speed, the setting of the hard- ware switch (ON/OFF) does not always reflect the true state of SupraTurbo28; however, the speed buttons window in the software provided does always reflect the true speed that SupraTurbo28 is using, because it's continually updated.

The SupraTurboInstall diskette contains a program that can be used to turn SupraTurbo28 on (FAST) or off (SLOW). The program provides two buttons (FAST and SLOW) for SupraTurbo speed selection.

The CLI commands for SupraTurbo28 are as follows:
1. supraturbo fast
2. supraturbo slow

Thanks to Dell Smith & Andrew Bowers