SuperGen 2000

The SuperGen 2000S has built-in genlock circuitry, RGB to Y/C, RGB to NTSC Encoders, a Proc Amp, a Sync Generator, H-Cs Phase adjustment, AGC and a Y/C Keyer. And is designed for A1500/A2000/A2500 type machines only.

-Genlocks to either external Y/C or NTSC Video (from any source)
-Encodes Amiga RGB into Y/C and NTSDC Video
-Transcodes between NTSC to Y/C Video and vice versa, continuosly.
-Internal Keyer for overlaying Amiga graphics onto external Y/C and NTSC video
-Completely software configurable
-Selectable notch (Rainbowing) filter
-Computer controllable dissolve of 64 levels
-Dual fade (dissolve) controls via remote control console
-Selectable blanking source, internal or external
-Switchable Automatic gain control with saturation control
-Legal NTSC RS-170A output while synced to video or not
-Dual Y/C and NTSC Output connectors
-Loop Thru input video connector with selectable termination, Y/C or NTSC.
-Selectable input clamp type
-Expansion port for framebuffer/digitizer

Thanks to Francisco Rabay Jr