Picture showing the StarBoard with Multifunction

Picture showing the StarBoard without the Multiffunction

Picture showing a close up of the FPU

Picture showing the StarBoard attached to the A1000

Max Ram: 2MB
Ram Type: DRAM Chips
FPU: Optional 68881 (PGA) with the multifunction option
RTC: Yes (with the multifunction option)
Connection: A1000 Side Expansion Slot

The StarBoard is a memory expansion originally designed for use with the A1000, it contains a through-connector which can be used to attach additional StarBoard expansions or other third party expansions. Each StarBoard could hold up to 2MB of additional RAM. There is also a sub-expansion for the StarBoard called the "MultiFunction" which provided a real time battery backed up clock and a 68881 FPU. Software was supplied with it which allowed you to use special maths routines with the FPU. The card also allowed for sticky memory which could keep the contents of your memory after a reboot.

Thanks to Martin Spenceley