Sneak Prevue

The Sneak Prevue is a video titling unit which was based around the Amiga 2000. It was designed for use by cable TV companies to broadcast TV programming information in a non-interactive manner, on a dedicated cable channel. Programme information such as times, dates and programme titles would scroll across the screen. The unit has "Sneak Prevue" written in red lettering on a black background both on the keyboard and the unit itself where the Commodore logo would have originally been. The unit was supplied with a data demodulator made by Zephyrus which was labelled "Made in Tulsa ,OK, USA". LT Tulsa model 101 Data Demodulator Rev B. The card itself says control data and EPG data on separate traces and actually plugs into an ISA slot.

It is unknown what other hardware was supplied with the unit as standard, but a Commodore A2232 and SupraRAM card may also have been supplied.

Thanks to Mark Stewart and Rainer Schreurs