The ProModule is an expansion unit for the CD32 which gives it much of the capability of an A1200. It sits underneath the CD32 and connects to it via the supplied block connector. Up to 8MB of additional RAM can be added and the unit has support for an optional 68882 (PLCC) FPU at up to 50Mhz. The unit includes an internal 3.5" floppy drive configured as DF0: and a battery backed up clock. The unit also provides the following expansion ports:

1 x 25pin Parallel Port
1 x 25pin Serial Port
1 x 23pin RGB Video Port
1 x External Floppy Drive Port
1 x 3.5" IDE Connector
1 x AT Keyboard connector for attaching a PC keyboard
1 x Thru-Port for FMV Cartridge.

The unit also has the option of using an external power source such as a standard A500 or A1200 power supply.

Thanks to John Klumpp