The ProGen plus is high quality digital genlock equipped with an inbuilt video effect module. It connects to the Amiga RGB port and to the Serial port. Connection to the Serial is required because the ProGen is controlled by software using the serial port.

- VIDEO IN 1: CVBS input for connection to standard VHS equipment (1Vpp/75ohm)
- VIDEO IN 2: Y-C input for SHVS/Hi8 equipment (1Vpp, 0.5Vpp/75ohm)
- AUDIO IN: RCA input for audio (line); required for some special effects (580mV/10kohm)
- VIDEO AMIGA: Connects to the Amiga RGB port
- SERIAL PORT: Connects to the Amiga serial port - VIDEO OUT: CVBS output for the mixed video signal
- VIDEO MON2: RGB pass-thru output (PAL only!) for connection to an Amiga monitor
- VIDEO MINI: Y-C output for the Amiga's display which means that the ProGen plus can be used as a high quality video modulator with SVHS-standard output!

Thanks to Gary Bliter