Sun Ultra 1

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The Ultra 1 is used as a file server and also as a web server for hosting local copies of "The Big Book of Amiga Hardware". It also holds my bookmarks page so I can access it from any browser on any machine. It runs the UNIX operating system Solaris 9 which is the latest version of Solaris and I have found it to be an extremely stable operating system. It has never crashed on me which unfortunately I can't say about AmigaOS and even Linux. The Creator3D designation is important because it's supplied with a much more advanced Framebuffer than the standard Ultra 1 which uses a UPA slot instead an SBus slot. It also has a Multimedia Interface instread of an AUI connector.

Machine Sun Ultra 1 Creator 3D
Processor Ultrasparc II@170Mhz
RAM 128MB Total
Operating Systems Solaris 9
Display 17" Dell
Slots 2 x Sbus slots
1 x UPA slot
Cards Creator 3D Framebuffer (UPA)
Drives 9GB SUN (SCA-II)
12x Toshiba CDROM (SCSI)
Internal High Density Sun Floppy
Integrated 100BaseTx, SCSI-3, 2 x Serial, Parallel, 13w3, MII, Audio In/Out, Speaker

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CDE Desktop

KDE Desktop on Solaris

Gnome Desktop on Solaris