Silicon Graphics O2

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The Silicon Graphics O2 is mainly used for graphics work, particularly because it has a DV card and an excellent camera which can be used to record movies in realtime. The SGI O2 runs the UNIX operating system called IRIX. SGI always build really cool looking machines. The O2 is a deep blue curved tower shape. This particular machine is actually the oldest model of O2 and was part of a batch of the first O2s sold in the UK.

Machine Silicon Graphics O2
Processor MIPS R5000@180Mhz
RAM 448MB Total
Operating Systems Irix 6.5.12
Display 17" Samsung
Slots 1 x 64bit PCI slot
1 x PCI Shuttle Slot
Cards Audio & Digital Video (PCI Shuttle)
Drives 9GB IBM (SCA-II)
12x Toshiba CDROM (SCSI)
Integrated 100BaseTx, SCSI-3, 2 x Serial, High Density Parallel, SVGA, Speaker
Other O2 Digital Camera

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Irix Desktop