AMD K6III@450Mhz

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This machine tends to get used a lot for Perl programming or browsing the web and is almost always sat in Linux. Occassionally I'll boot into Windows to play a game or two.

Machine PC
Processor AMD K6III@450Mhz
RAM 320MB Total
Operating Systems Redhat Linux 7.3 (based)
Windows 2000 Professional
Display 17" Viglen
Slots 5 x PCI slots
1 x AGP Slot (4x)
2 x ISA slots
Cards 32MB Riva TNT Ultra II (AGP)
AWE64 Sound Card (ISA)
Realtek Ethernet Card (PCI)
WinTV Radio & TV Card (PCI)
Avansys Fast SCSI-2 (PCI)
Drives 80GB Seagate (IDE)
8GB Seagate (IDE)
2x2x24 CD-RW/CD-R (IDE)
16x48 DVD Drive (IDE)
ZIP Drive (Internal SCSI)
1.44MB Floppy
Integrated 2x IDE, 2 x Serial, Parallel, 2xUSB
Other Parallel 32bit Scanner, USB Samsung Laser Printer

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KDE Desktop

Gnome Desktop

Amiga X Desktop