Max Ram: 8MB
Ram Type: 30pin SIMM Slots
FPU: Unknown
RTC: Unknown
Connection: A500/+ Side Expansion Slot


 JP2 JP1    JP2 JP1     JP2 JP1     JP2 JP1
  o   o      o [o]          [o]  o      [o] [o]
 [o] [o]    [o][o]          [o] [o]     [o] [o]
 [o] [o]    [o] o            o  [o]      o   o

  2 MB       4 MB            8 MB           AMNESIA

2 MB = one pair of 1MB SIMM's
4 MB = two pairs of 1MB SIMM's
8 MB = one pair of 4MB SIMM's
AMNESIA = memory switched off  

Thanks to Gary Bliter and Konrad