25Mhz, 33Mhz and 40Mhz PGA Components

Voltage: 5V
Data Bus: 8/16/32bit switchable
Address Bus: 32bit
Cache: 256byte instruction cache
256byte data cache
MMU: Yes
FPU: None
Transistors: 273,000

+ Used as a base processor in an Amiga
* Used on an Amiga Accelerator
Available in Mhz Used in Amigas/Accelerators
16.00 Yes + *
20.00 No
25.00 Yes + * (EC version in A4000)
28.00 Yes *
33.00 Yes *
40.00 Yes *
50.00 Yes *
75.00 No
100.00 No

The MC68030 has been used as the base processor in several Amiga models, and on many accelerator cards. In fact it has probably been used on more accelerator cards than any other processor.

Thanks to Sebastian Kinner