Voltage: 5V
Data Bus: 8/16/32bit switchable.
Address Bus: 32bit
Cache: 256byte instruction cache
MMU: None
FPU: None
Transistors: 190,000

+ Used as a base processor in an Amiga
* Used on Amiga Accelerator
Available in Mhz Used in Amigas/Accelerators
8.00 No
12.00 No
16.00 Yes + * (EC version@14Mhz in A1200, 14Mhz for 2620)
25.00 Yes *
28.00 Yes *
33.00 Yes * (EC version at least)

This processor has been used as the base processor in some Amiga models such as the A2500 as well as several accelerator cards. Please note, the A1200 uses the MC68EC020. The MC68020 is able to support an external FPU and MMU.

Thanks to Joe Torre