8Mhz DIP Component

Voltage: 5V (other versions may have been made to support different voltages)
Data Bus: 16bit
Address Bus: 24bit
Cache: None
MMU: None
FPU: None
Transistors: 68,000

+ Used as base processor in an Amiga
* Used on an Amiga Accelerator
Available in MHZ Used in Amigas/Accelerators
8.00 Yes + (7.14Mhz NTSC, 7.09Mhz PAL)
12.00 Yes *
16.00 Yes *
20.00 No
28.00 Yes * (HCMOS version)
53.00 No

Please note that processor speeds above 16Mhz may actually be the 68HC000 component, which is the 68000 manufactured in HCMOS to allow higher clock speeds. This processor has been used in a huge amount of Amiga models including the very first A1000 right up to the last model to use it, the A600. The MC68000 does not support an external MMU, or FPU.

Thanks to Sebastian Kinner