Inside Out

Standard Specifications

Case Type: None - Amiga on a PCI Card.
Processor: 040 or 060 from 25Mhz to 75Mhz
MMU: Internal
FPU: Internal
Chipset: AGA (3rd party clone on a single chip)
Kickstarts: Unknown
Bus Controller: Unknown
Expansion Slots: None (Uses host's slots)
Standard CHIP RAM: 2MB
RAM sockets: None (Uses host's RAM)
Hard Drive Controllers: 1 x 3.5" IDE Controller
Drive Bays: None
Expansion Ports: 1 x 15pin VGA Connector
Floppy Drive: None, but optional Amiga floppy drive could be attached.
Motherboard Revisions: Unknown
Battery Backed Up Clock: None (Uses host's clock)

The Inside-Out has to be one of the most novel Amigas ever made. You've probably heard of PC Bridgeboards which are basically entire PC's on a Zorro II card for the Amiga, but the Inside Out is practically the opposite. It's an entire Amiga on a PCI card. It was designed to be used from a standard PC running Windows 95/NT or from a DEC Alpha station running Windows NT. The inside-out allowed the connection of hard drives directly to the card, as well as Amiga floppy drives, but it could also use many of the host's features such as other PCI cards like the graphics card. Unfortunately this little gem was never released.